Living Hope Outreach

Sharon with a smile

Sharon with a smile

Living Hope

The Program That Started With a Dream

A program whose name was born out of 1 Peter 1:3, referring to Jesus Christ who caused us to be born again to a “living hope” through his resurrection.

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Lunches ready to deliver

Living Hope offered it’s first lunches in the community of Drain in December of 2012. The food pantry started later.

 Founded by Sharon Hove and her mother Lenore Davidson, Living Hope started one night with a dream.

“I had a desire in my heart to do something for people who were in need,” Sharon said.

She tried a few things, but nothing worked until she implored God, “Lead me or I’m doing nothing more.” Then within a few days the entire plan came to her and she presented it to the Board on November 5 and started the program one month later.

But that fall night she dreamt she sat up to close the blinds, but they wouldn’t close. Two teenage girls were looking in the window. She went outside to see what was going on and there were a lot of children and a man at the door wearing torn tattered clothes. She couldn’t see the details of his face, but he smiled, so she asked him what she could do.

“Feed my children,” he replied, and she invited them in. When she woke that morning she knew she was to provide meals for those in need.

Starting on a wing and a prayer, she didn’t know about UCan at the time. UCan where Living Hopes currently buys their food, didn’t come into the picture until October 2014. Initially the whole program was supported by donations.

“One thing we presented to the Board was that we wanted to serve anybody with a physical, spiritual, or material need. It had nothing to do with income. “First goal,” she continued, ” was to be of service to God and because of our service to God we were able to be of service to our community. The most inspiring was the synchronicity: how quickly everything fell into place and how people grew. Some from drug users to drug free, not just because of the support of a food program and a church, but because they became givers and saw the good of all they could do.”

Sandwich Assembly

Sandwich Assembly

“Bridget Lovest was ushered in by the Lord. She founded the delivery program because she had friends who could not make it in. She started delivering 17 lunches a week. We are now well over 200. It’s amazing the way things happened. When it’s in God’s plan, it just booms.”

“Most of our volunteers are here week after week,” Sharon added, “working hours on end to make Wednesdays happen smoothly and efficiently while offering a blessing to everyone who walks through the door. We would not exist without them. Days of preparation are involved in getting ready for Wednesday’s food services, from the Pantry, to the free restaurant style lunches, to the sack lunches being delivered. We travel to Roseburg for the supplies we purchase from UCan. Then food has to be divided and sorted into individual serving packs. Numerous people volunteered to re-furbish our storage room with new paint and paneling and every week there are those who carry in supplies. Because we serve the public, special food handling rules apply and therefore we need a large food handling area. This program has grown in leaps and bounds.”

“You just never know what a dream can bring.”

To view our schedule for lunches and the food pantry visit our Home page.